Sitemap - 2022 - Lexicon Valley from Booksmart Studios

You Had Better!

Apostrophe S

Can You Learn English By Watching TV?

Why Do We "Bear" Children?

Is "Knocked Up" Racist?

Why Do People Say "Needs Washed"?

From Y'all to Yo?

The More the Merrier

What Are You Gonna Do with This Place?

What a Young Brain Can Do

Why Do Some People Say "Impordant"?

Apples Please Me

What Do You Talk?

Is Y'all Singular or Plural? It's Both.


The Problem With You

Rodney Dangerfield Redux

The Rodney Dangerfield Pronoun

Is the Datum/Data Distinction Dead?

The Luck of the Pot

Is Negro a Slur or Just Antiquated?

Why Did Latin Die Out?

Sullen, Secure & Sober

One Is the Loneliest Number

Why Does It Rain Cats and Dogs?

From Disrespect to Disaster

Throw Up, Turn Out & Believe

Why Are We "Accessing" Everything?

Oversight Committee Overlooks

Why Fidget Poppers Are "Satisfying"

Do We Know How "Gender" Arises in Language?

How Do You Say Intersection?

Why Do We Dot Our i's?

Did Built Replace Builded?

The Anointed One

You Are SO Articulate. Really.

Why Do Native Speakers Make "Mistakes"?

June, Jejune and Dinner

When Words Collide

English's Two TH Sounds, Explained

Why Is K Shaped Like That?

The Haphazard History of C

When a "Queen" Was a Prostitute

Apology and Privilege

JFK's Most Famous Sentence

How Do You Pronounce "Often"?

The Evolution of 'Woke'

Feeling Seen

BONUS: Bunch, Elder and Goose

Reviving Dead Languages

Why Do Brits Put R's Where They Don't Belong?

BONUS: English Is Hard Enough Without Antiquated Distinctions

Let Sleeping Dogs Lay

How Do Different Languages Handle Being Polite?

Bonus: How Did Nigeria Get Its Name?

Welcome to Lexicon Valley!

Where Is the Name Ketanji From?

Why Do We Have Rights, But We Don't Have Lefts?

BONUS: A Year of Russian

The Ukrainian Language

How Did Execute Come to Mean Kill?

BONUS: A Playwright and a Fishmonger Walk into a Haberdashery

How About This Weather?

Do Italian Speakers of English Really Talk-ad-a-Like-a-This?

BONUS: Say Uncle

Joe Rogan and the N-Word, by Way of Kyiv

We INfer and DEfer. Do We Ever Just Fer?

BONUS: Canny, Cunning and Uncouth Are All Cousins

Son of a Bitch on a Hot Mic

An Existential Question About Bread, Okay?

BONUS: English Is Very French in the Kitchen

RIP: Sidney Poitier, Lani Guinier, Max Julien

Why HAVE a Look When You Can Simply Look?

John and Jonathan, Explained