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A close examination of language — its power to inform and misinform, to elucidate and obfuscate — from renowned Columbia University linguistics professor John McWhorter.

A true polymath, John analyzes the words and phrases that dominate our discourse and make the headlines. At Booksmart Studios, Lexicon Valley continues its tradition of dissecting this messy, maddening and thoroughly wonderful thing we call language. While retaining the show’s trademark nerdery and eccentricity, John is redirecting it considerably to take on issues from the current headlines and discuss our weekly reality through the spoken and written word.

Longtime listeners will know that John has always had a mantra of sorts as host: Everything is happy here in the Valley. No more. From now on, he’ll be stepping outside of that amiability at times to address how language rankles as well as assuages — in other words, all of what language actually is.

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John McWhorter is the host of Lexicon Valley. In his spare time, he teaches linguistics at Columbia University and writes a regular column for the New York Times.